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Be it on screen or behind the scenes, Lamorae Octavia, CEO and Founder of F’N Artist Productions, is establishing a name for herself in the entertainment industry with her assertiveness, intensity and edgy mystique. She has the versatility to be a leading lady and/or character actor. Lamorae’s on screen credits include appearances in the Award Winning web series “The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl,” and her reoccurring role as Vera in The Alchemy Networks “My Roommate The…” 

Lamorae intertwined her talents in both Theatre and Film while studying at UNLV where she received her B.A. in Film Studies. She was cast in the groundbreaking plays Pink Champagne and Fabulation. Lamorae also acquired the coveted spot as co-host of “EthniCITY.” The student television show, which aired locally in her hometown, explored different ethnic groups on campus and within the community. This opportunity was consistent with her studies in High School, as she frequently hosted and produced the school’s announcements and received vocational recognition for her pursued endeavors in Television Production. Her flourishing passion for working behind the scenes was undeniable. During her junior year of college is when the birth of her film and multimedia company “F’N Artists” would take place.

In 2010, Lamorae directed and starred in her first short film titled “F’N Artists.” It highlights her love of black and white films through the film’s witty and sophisticated writing style. Its stylized classic play on words was inspired by the genre of film Noire. The film also exhibits her ability to lead a team behind the scenes, as she casted 22 of her fellow acting partners to play guerilla film artists.

Today, Lamorae resides in North Hollywood and is involved in various acting and production projects. Summer 2013, across from Issa Rae, she will be co-starring in "My Roommate The Awkward Black Girl." She is working on the sixth installment of the short-film style look-book for Grindstone Fall ’13 collection. She also has plans to create new projects under “F’N Artist.”

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